Samajwadi Party finds 50 potholes in a single street, during their pothole counting process in South Mumbai

The Samajwadi Party members counted the potholes in Colaba and found 50 potholes in a single street as against 35 in entire Mumbai, claimed by the BMC. “It is quite embarrassing for Mumbai and the BMC. Just 35 potholes in the city is really a laughable statement. Here in Mumbai’s one of the elite area of Colaba, we showed you 50 potholes on a single street,” said Samajwadi Party corporator, Rais Shaikh.

“Shiv Sena and the BJP should feel ashamed for what ‘Acche Din’ they have given to Mumbai? It is the financial capital of India and see the condition of roads. They have no moral right to stay in power in the BMC. People of Mumbai will teach them a lesson during the upcoming BMC election,” added Rais Shaikh.

Taking aggressive stand on the issue of potholes, the MNS corporators, few days back, forced a BMC chief engineer (Roads) to stand near a pothole holding a board which read, “I am responsible for these potholes”.