MNS Corporator uses images of Bal Thackeray in a report card, Shiv Sena objects it

The war to win Marathi votes for BMC election has now reached a new low. Shiv Sena has raised objection for using their supremo Bal Thackeray’s photo by MNS corporator on his campaign. An MNS corporator from Dadar is using images of Shiv Sena founder the late Bal Thackeray, in a bid to woo the area’s traditional Marathi vote bank ahead of the upcoming civic polls.

The image features in a report card published by the MNS’ Sudhir Jadhav that showcases his work. The card also has images of BR Ambedkar, Abdul Kalam and Thackeray’s wife Meenatai.

“We consider Balasaheb as our God. Everyone calls him ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ then why Sena has problem if we consider him as our God. His photo is here in my house, I have his statue at my place. Does Sena has got objection to it also? I am printing calendars with Meenatai’s photo for the last 10 years but Sena never objected to it?,” questioned Sudhir Jadhav, corporator of MNS from Dadar.

Shiv Sena is not happy as they feel MNS is playing “dirty politics” to woo Marathi votes by using Balasaheb’s photo and name. Sena alleges that since MNS is left with no other issues to take up they are trying to divide Marathi vote bank with  this gimmick.

“Why MNS doesn’t use Balasaheb’s photo officially in their events. They should officially use it in their official events. And if they have so much affection and love for Balasaheb then why did they leave Shiv Sena?,” asked Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande.

For MNS this BMC election is like a now or never situation especially after the debacle in the last Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha election and recent local body election. For Shiv Sena this BMC election is a battle for their prestige to retain their hold again.

This time Shiv Sena also has to face BJP. On one hand MNS may hamper Shiv Sena’s Marathi votes and on the other hand BJP will pose tough fight against Shiv Sena.