Maharashtra plastic ban: List of what’s allowed and what isn’t

As the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra government enforced the ban on a variety of plastic items — announced in March — from Saturday, environment minister Ramdas Kadam said that errant manufacturers will face a strong action.

However, the common people and small traders will not be harassed, he added.

If you are you clueless about what the ban covers and excludes, this list will come handy.

Read below:

What’s not banned
Plastic bags for storing food grains
Plastic bags used for packaged food items like chips, biscuits, etc.
Plastic raincoats
Milk pouches that are above 50 microns in thickness
Thermocol boxes used for storing medicines
Plastic, thermocol used by manufacturing companies
Plastic, thermocol used in packaging of appliances
Plastic items used in hospitals like saline bottles
Plastic pens
Plastic pouches used in plant nurseries

What’s banned
All types of plastic bags
Plastic tea cups, glasses
Thermocol glasses
Plastic items used in hotels to parcel food like disposable plates, cups, boxes, spoons etc
Thermocol used for decoration purposes

The ban covers entire Maharashtra, and visitors from other parts of the country are also expected to maintain caution while disposing plastic.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and district, along with the local administration, will monitor the plastic use. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation will keep a close eye on plastic usage in tourist areas in the state.

The first-time defaulters will be fined Rs 5000 and second time defaulters will be fined Rs 10000, whereas the third time defaulters will be penalized Rs.25000 and a three-year imprisonment.

On March 23, the state government imposed a ban on manufacturing, use, sale, distribution and storage of plastic materials such as one-time-use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles and thermocol items. The government gave three months for the disposal of existing stocks.