EVM Fraud in BMC Elections: 600 people allege their votes were stolen from EVMs, file PIL in Mumbai High Court

Around 600 people have levelled allegations of tampering of electronic voting machines in the recent Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) elections. Voters from Mumbai’s Vacola have submitted an affidavit to the Mumbai High Court saying that their voters were stolen as the candidate they had voted for lost the election.

The incident occurred in Ward Number 88 where 13 candidates were in the fray. An independent candidate named Nilotpal Mrinal got 375 votes but he lost to the Shiv Sena candidate. Now, 600 residents have submitted affidavits to the court that they had voted for the independent candidate. They have shared their contact details as well, asking where did the remaining votes polled to Nilotpal go?

Litigant Tahir Sheikh said he was at the counting venue and was disheartened with Nilotpal’s defeat. He then decided to do something about it, a report in NDTV said.

Nilotpal told the news channel that many residents living around booths where he got 4-5 votes, gave him affidavits that they voted for him. The voters want to know whether the EVMs malfunctioned or they were tampered with.

This litigation can bring more problems for the Election Commission that has been defending EVMs with all its strength. Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal had levelled a direct charge after his party’s defeat in Punjab of EVM tampering. He had levelled similar charges, saying he had got zero voters at some booths where his volunteers voted for the party. A heated exchange between him and the Election Commission ensued. Arvind Kejriwal had demanded that MCD elections be conducted using paper ballot, a demand rejected by the Commission.