BMC candidate’s claim of zero votes in Saki Naka turns out false

An independent candidate Shrikant Shirsat who contested Bhrihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Election in earlier this month made a claim which alleged that because of tampering of EVMs he got zero votes even though he and his family voted for him.

On February 27, Shirsat raising question of EVM tampering said that “In the last assembly polls, I got 1,500 votes. Now, apparently, I have got 44, and from my booth, zero. I voted for myself, my family voted for me and so did my neighbors (on 90-feet Road in Saki Naka).” But according to the recent revelations by Election Commission all these allegations leveled by Shirsat are appears to be false. Soon after his claims, election commission had conducted an inquiry which states that all the allegations made by Shirsat are false.

When asked about this Maharashtra’s Deputy Election Commissioner Avinash T Sanas said that “He (Shirsat) stood for election from ward number 164 in Saki Naka. His claim had prompted an inquiry and we discovered that Shirsat is enrolled as a voter at two polling booths. Contrary to his claim, he hasn’t got ‘zero votes’ at either of the two polling booths.” As per the reports from election commission Shirsat secured 44 votes from ward no 164. Out of 44 votes he got 11 votes at booth no 29 and two votes at booth no 15.

Adding to this State election Commission official said that “Shirsat, in his February 27 complaint to the SEC, had made no mention of getting no votes in his own polling booth. He only said this to the media. Since he lives in the same area as booth number 29, we presume he must have cast his vote there. So his claim that his own vote and that of his family and neighbours disappeared is not true”