AAP to launch community clinics in Mumbai

The Aam Aadmi Party will be opening its first healthcare centre in Kurla on Sunday.

AAP and its AAP Ka Clinic Trust will be launching the AAP Ka Mohalla (community or local) Clinic will be launching the AAP Ka Mohalla (community or local) Clinic in this low income area of north-east Mumbai.

“This will serve as a well-equipped primary health care centre and aims to fill the present gap in our health system by providing quality, affordable health care to the severely deprived ‘aam aadmi’ (common man) of Mumbai,” said Satish Jain, an AAP member, at a press conference on Friday.

Serving around 100 patients a day, a general practitioner will be present daily and a specialist (either a paediatrician, cardiologist, nephrologist or others) will take turns to attend on specific cases. Consultation fees, medicines and even basic tests will be free of cost except, perhaps, an initial registration fee of Rs10 (55 fils). Doctors attending the clinic will be serving on a voluntary basis, said Jain.

“This Mohalla Clinic is inspired by the success of the Delhi model as a solution to the general breakdown of health care services, especially to the middle income and marginalised sections of society,” he said. Presently, Delhi has set up 75 clinics, with the support of the capital’s AAP government, and hopes to expand it to 1,000 by December 2016.

In addition to Mohalla Clinics, AAP Mumbai is also launching its electricity referendum where “we shall reach thousands of households with an attempt to get their support for the implementation of the Delhi governance model in Mumbai, too, with respect to electricity tariffs,” said Ashutosh Sengar, AAP member.

He pointed how Mumbaikars consuming up to 400 units pay more than double of what Delhities pay.